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Introduction to the College   

    The Agnel Fathers with a view  providing the supervisory manpower competent enough to meet the needs of shops floor production and to face the practical production problems with confidence started Agnel Technical College in the year 1969. 

     With this objective, in the year 1969 permission from the government of Maharashtra was obtained to start a full time 4 1/2 years Diploma course in Mechanical Engineering (Sandwich Pattern) with an intake of 60 students. Students are trained for two semesters intensively in industries. Over the years the diploma was converted in to 4 years Diploma course in Production Engineering (sandwich pattern). With an intension of upgrading the qualification of the working people, part-time course of Diploma in Production engineering was started in the year 1976 with an intake of 45 students.   

     Due to continuous excellence achieved by the College, Academic Autonomy was granted by the Government of Maharashtra Of college in 1987 and the College introduced flexibility in 1991. 

      Before the introduction of autonomy, the British Council in collaboration with T.T.T.I., Bhopal, involved college in autonomous project implementation for 4 to 5 years in the areas of laboratory innovations, curriculum development, student assessment and management information. The multi point entry and credit system introduced by the college enables the student with higher qualification for complete the diploma in a shorter duration by taking exemption in the subjects already covered by them.